Multiple source of information about vulnerabilities

It is good to take advantage of the community knowledge regarding different vulnerabilities that can threaten your microservices. There are several known vulnerability databases such as the National Vulnerability Database “NVD” established by the US Government or Open Source Vulnerability Database “OSVDB/VulnDB” created by Risk Based Security and many others.
International cybersecurity advisors, such as Synopsys in their Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report (https://bit.ly/31mVQb2), recommend to use multiple vulnerability information sources and verify the accuracy of data they provide.
Defenselayers Atlas Vulnerability Database perfectly fits within these recommendations. It uses multiple vulnerability databases that are available in the public domain moreover data in Atlas are verified in order to avoid false entries. So prepared Atlas is a powerful source of information for Defenselayers Factory and is used in Defenselayers Secure Containers preparation process.
Atlas database together with Defenselayers Factory module allows our team to secure containerized technology stack accurately and very fast.
Download PDF and more about Atlas Database here:https://lnkd.in/dcZCQCu

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