Defenselayers signs with SGB Bank

About SGB Bank

SGB Bank is the association of more than 200 Union Banks operating across Poland. The complete network possesses 1500 branches, 12 000 employees and over 1,5 millions of customers.

About Defenselayers Proof-of-Concept at SGB Bank

Defenselayers Secure Containers will be used to protect communication between bank central infrastructure and country wide network of over 120 ATM. Adoption of Defenselayers Secure Container allows Bank not only to secure their data in transit but also enable the Bank to comply with Polish Financial Supervision Authority regulation as well as PCI DSS and GDPR requirements at the same time without any additional investment.

Defenselayers Secure Container – encapsulated technologies

  • Defenselayers Secure Container Image (based on Alpine Linux)
  • Secure file transfer based on SFT/SSHv2


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