Defenselayers contributes to open source community

Contributing to open source communities is an important part of Defenselayers DNA. We are just starting by sharing simple but useful tools and cybersecurity best practices for Python. Our plans are much more ambitious and  include sharing cybersecurity best practices for major open source technologies and accompany them by even more utility software helping software developers to keep their application containers infrastructure reliable and secure.

At first, please check our httphealthcheck tool published on our GitHub repository. httphealthcheck is a defenselayers simple CLI http(s) GET request sending utility to check if particular https service is alive.

Internally we use httphealthcheck with all our container images providing web server functionality. However you can use it in your own project for testing health of many different things like REST API microservices for example.

Main Httphealthchek usage is Dockers Dockerfile HEALTHCHECK command https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/builder/#healthcheck

We’ve written it in Go to provide lightweight executable without any external dependencies which makes it great add-on to any container image.

The best part is that httphealthcheck source code is available on our github repository: https://github.com/defenselayers/http-health-chk so you can tailor it to your own needs. Building is simple and we provide all needed instruction in step-by-step fashion, so even if you are new to Go you should be able to compile it within minutes.

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