Plug&Play Cybersecurity&Compliance Automation Platform
offers you DevSecOps functions
delivered in a software as a service model

Defenselayers is an innovative,
global cybersecurity startup.

We secure applications both in private and public clouds, applications which
are built using application containers technology (Docker, Kubernetes environment).

We protect applications during development as well as in production environment. This is why we say we are a DevSecOps native company.

Defenselayers is a cloud native company, providing application containers native cybersecurity services.

Apart from securing application
containers we ensure to large
extent compliance with GDPR,
NIS and PCIDSS standards.

Our mission is to reduce complex and expensive cybersecurity services usually provided by expensive specialists into an automated, simple to use and affordable Software-as-a-Service.

We provide our services through the Defenselayers Plug&Play Cybersecurity Automation


Easiness of data exchange and integration among applications in the cloud come at a tremendous cost – increased threat of cybersecurity attacks and data breaches. It is estimated that in 2019 global costs related to cybercrime exceeded 2 trillions  US Dollars, according to Juniper Research’s “The Futureof Cybercrime & Security: Financial and Corporate Threats & Mitigation“report. In 2018 serious cases of data hacking were reported. Cybercrime can affect organizations on numerous levels and various aspects including data destruction, data and IP theft,  money embezzlement, productivity and loss of reputation, as well as business disruptions.

All organizations that make use of cloud applications will have to address evolving cybersecurity challenges including massive data breaches, ransomware attacks targeting the cloud, improper use of AI Technology, attacks on IoT devices. The biggest challenge is a severe cybersecurity talent gap. According to Forbes in 2021 there will be 3.5 Million cybersecurity job posts that will remain unfilled. Shortage of talents suggests higher costs to keep up with cybersecurity standards.


Taking into account issues of increasing cybersecurity threats and lack of necessary number of cybersecurity and compliance specialists, Defenselayers Plug&Play Cybersecurity&Compliance Platform offers a solution which brings significant level of automation of cybersecurity

and compliance processes in software development and maintenance and therefore allowing the lower costs related to application security and shortening the time to market. Both are significant to businesses in order to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

Using application containers technology, we provide a novel solution which allows to deploy each business application in a specially secured container, assuring the safe exploitation of the application itself, as well as protecting the data used by it.

The Defencelayers Plug&play Cybersecurity&Compliance Platform is a tool dedicated to cybersecurity management. It also guarantees compliance with the main formal regulations (e.g. GDPR, NIS, PCIDSS). The product is a result of many years of experience acquired in the area of cybersecurity and compliance, as well as the convergence of different technologies developed over the last years. It is all bundled in one comprehensive solution.

Defenselayers delivers cybersecurity and compliance as a service dedicated to applications in a computing cloud. In the central Defenselayers infrastructure, top-level cybersecurity and compliance specialists continuously monitor the market for new cybersecurity threats and changes in regulations. Defenselayers platform produces  containers equipped with cybersecurity and compliance features which customers can use for encapsulating their own microservices.


Defenselayers reduces complex and expensive cybersecurity services into plug&play,
affordable commodity which can be used on a mass scale.



Savings on cybersecurity resources  as these competences are provided by Defenselayers as an electronic service in Software-as-a-Service model.


Savings on software development costs, as most of cybersecurity and compliance elements will also be provided as a service.


Savings on cybersecurity tools during software development and operations –  Defenselayers application container’s continuous update eliminates need of additional tools use.


Savings on potential penalties associated with risk of non-compliance with regulations.


Time necessary for developing new application (time-to-market) will be shorter as cybersecurity and compliance part are automatically given as a service.


Cybersecurity talent gap problem solved .